An expert in IT operations and program management, Sairam Santharam is a Senior Manager with HSBC Hong Kong, where he leads business restructuring efforts and organizational effectiveness initiatives for HSBC in the Asia Pacific.

Formerly, Sairam Santharam was the Chief Operating Officer of HSBC Bangladesh. Santharam took over the position after spending more than a decade with various divisions of HSBC. In this capacity, he directed more than 20 different initiatives that resulted in $100 million in profits and nearly $2 million in savings. In his previous role as IT Operations Programme Manager with HSBC Hong Kong, Sairam Santharam focused on implementing an information technology outsourcing (ITO) strategy for the entire Asia Pacific region. He also achieved significant reductions in office administration expenses and played an integral role in the acquisition of one million new customers. In recognition of his efforts, Santharam received the Best Process/Service Quality Improvement Award from HSBC Technology & Services, and his team garnered the Best Cost and Innovation Award from HSBC. Furthermore, he earned a spot in the HSBC Technology Hall of Fame and won the exclusive Platinum Award.

Sairam Santharam spent the first eight years of his career with HSBC, managing various projects in the Asia Pacific region and around the world. During this time, he orchestrated the introduction of dozens of development environments. Prior to his time at HSBC, Santharam served as the Principal Consultant with Datanomix/First Data Corporation and a Senior Consultant with Winstar Telecommunications, Inc., assisting with various aspects of administration and operations management. He obtained his initial business experience with Toyota/Bahwan Automotive, where he functioned as a Senior Project Manager.

Over the course of his career, Santharam has enriched his business acumen through training courses with HSBC, VeriSign, IBM, and other leading organizations. He also completed certificate programs in business analysis and relationship management at George Washington University and Duke University, respectively. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore University.